Create best-in-class, responsive email and landing page templates built specifically for Marketo & Eloqua in a matter of minutes, with no coding required.

Select from 70+ pre-built templates and customize them to make on-brand emails and landing pages that can be synced or imported manually to Marketo or Eloqua.

knak email templates

Select from pre-built templates

Over 70+ pre-built templates specifically built for common marketing use-cases like newsletters, webinars, content and events

customize for your brand

Customize for your Brand

Make the templates your own by uploading your images, colors, fonts, logos and social URLs


Have a design and need to build it out? Knak Builder gives unrivalled editing flexibility for building out emails from scratch for Marketo & Eloqua.

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Knak was made specifically for Marketo & Eloqua. Knak Starter emails and landing pages are built using Marketo & Eloqua template syntax and can be synced in a click of a button using native integrations.

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sync to marketo

Native Integrations

Our direct integrations with Marketo & Eloqua allows you to push an email or landing page into Marketo at the click of a button.

Don’t want to use the integration? You can always download your template and upload it manually.

Edit in Marketo

Edit in Marketo or Eloqua

Knak’s Starter templates are coded with Marketo & Eloqua’s template syntax. They are built to work perfectly with Marketo & Eloqua’s editors. Simply update them with your content (images, copy, and links) and you’re off to the races.


Need total control over design, padding, layout and fonts? Try Knak Builder!

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Beautifully responsive everywhere. Knak’s email templates are coded using the fluid hybrid method and tested in Litmus.

knak email templates

Litmus Approved.

Get peace of mind that your emails look good in the clients you care about. All of our templates have their corresponding Litmus test results available at anytime.

View our email compatibility guide to see the full list of supported clients/devices.

knak fluid hybrid

Fluid Hybrid

All templates are coded using the Fluid Hybrid method. This ensures responsiveness even if the email client does not support media queries.