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Email Templates

Customize pre-built email templates for your brand and then sync them to Marketo or Eloqua.

Landing Page Templates

Customize pre-built landing page templates for your brand and then sync them to Marketo or Eloqua.

Number of Templates

The number of email and landing page templates you can build with your subscription. You can use them in perpetuity regardless of your subscription status.

Template Editor

Template Library

Access to the library of email and landing page templates.

Store Company Template Settings

Keep all of your company branding information to quickly and easily customize pre-built templates with your brand colors, fonts, logos, favicons and social urls.

Customized Pre-Built Marketo/Eloqua Ready Templates

Use our template editor to customize pre-built Marketo & Eloqua email and landing page templates for your brand.

Email Builder

Number of Emails

The number of end-to-end emails you can make using our email builder.

Premium Email Themes

Email themes are starting points from which you can build end-to-end emails using the email builder and then sync the finished product into Eloqua or Marketo.

Custom Email Themes

Custom email themes are your very own email starting points to build end-to-end emails using the email builder and then sync the finished product into Eloqua or Marketo.

Custom Fonts

Ability to load in custom fonts into the email builder.

Multiple Brands

Ability to toggle custom email themes between multiple brands to easy email creation. A brand contains colors, logos, fonts, and social urls. Ideal for large enterprises that manage multiple brands, or agencies that have many clients.

Team Collaboration

Shared Library

View all assets that are built using Knak across the entire team.

Additional User Accounts

Ability to support multiple concurrent users (available in Builder + Enterprise only)


A far more sophisticated and streamlined collaboration method than sending a sample email.


Approvals for the enterprise. Ability to manage and streamline approvals all in one place with full audit trail.


Ability to assign different users with different roles (Administrators, Builders, Approvers)


Native Marketo/Eloqua integration

Native integrations with Marketo & Eloqua to sync templates and emails.

Support for Multiple Instances

Ability to connect 1 Knak instance with multiple Marketo or Eloqua instances. Ideal for large enterprise or agencies.


Online Support

Standard in-app chat support.

Expedited Online Support

Prioritized online support for faster resolution.

Premiere Support

Quickest way to get issues resolved. Named support engineer.


Customize pre-built email and landing page templates and then sync to Marketo or Eloqua.

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Templates, plus access to our drag and drop email builder to make full end-to-end emails.

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Additional Fee

Additional add-on

Additional add-on


Templates, Builder, plus features that help make emails at enterprise scale, speed and efficiency.

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Additional add-on

Over 4204 customers have used Knak to build better emails and landing pages.






Frequently Asked Questions

Any templates you make with Knak during your trial, with paid credits, or a subscription, will work for as long as you sync them to in Marketo or Eloqua. However, you will not receive any future updates or compatibility upgrades without a current subscription.

In our trial, we offer two free basic templates (one email and one landing page) that are yours to keep. The first template in each library is free and will give you the full Knak experience. All of our other templates will work in a similar manner. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to try the premium templates, as those either require a subscription or a credit.

If you’d like to see how a particular template looks in multiple browsers/email clients, please let us know.

Standard knak plans are billed on a per-user basis. If you need multiple users, please contact us.
While we don’t have specific discounts for non-profits or educational organizations, our annual account is the best bang for your buck.
We’re happy to provide invoicing on our annual plans. Contact us to set up payment by check or bank transfer. We do not offer monthly invoicing at this time.
Cancelling can be done easily within the billing tab of your account. You’ll continue to have full access to Knak until the end of your trial or current billing period. After cancellation, you’ll retain access to your account until the next time you’re ready to use Knak.